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Product-Test - CNC Máquinas de Corte Poliestireno Expandido | Hotwire Direct


Contour Cutters

Hotwire Direct: 8700 CNC Independent Axis, 3D Foam Cutting, High Speed Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam Cutter
CNC Foam Cutters – The cornerstone to any foam cutting facility.
Hotwire Direct: Insulated Concrete Form EPS Foam Precision Wall Panel Production Machine
8700-DT CNC – Insulated wall panel production machine.
Hotwire Direct: 8300 CNC Independent Axis, 3D Foam Cutting, Affordable Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam Cutter
8300 CNC Contour Cutter – Entry level CNC contour cutter.

Foam Coating

Hotwire Direct: 7000 Direct Coat One Pass Continuous Feed Foam Coating Machine For Architectural Shapes
7300 Coating Machine – One-pass coating machine.

Specialty Foam Cutters

Hotwire Direct: 3000 Automated Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam Shaper for carving profiles on various shapes
3000 Foam Shaper– Carve column caps, bases, archways, and other curved shapes.
Hotwire Direct: 5400 Miter Cut EPS foam cutter and compound mitering tool.
5400 Miter Cutting – Portable foam cutting stand for compound miter cuts.
Hotwire Direct: 2000 Automated Internal Lathe Foam Cutter for Custom Concrete and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete GFRC Mold Making
2000 Internal Lathe– Mold making machine for turned items such as balusters and columns for precast concrete.
Hotwire Direct: 5500 High-Output EPS Foam Baluster Cutter
5500 Baluster Cutter – Dedicated machine for continuous creation of foam balusters and other turned pieces.

Hand Held Cutters*

Hotwire Direct: HW-1000 Hot Knife Foam Cutting, Sculpting and Shaping Tool
Hot Knife – Hand held cutting for ICF blocks, EIFS, carving, crafts, etc.
Hotwire Direct: Hobby Table Top EPS Foam Styrofoam Cutter
Hobby Hotwire – Great little hotwire table for hobbyists, and crafts.
Hotwire Direct: 4025 Hand Wand Freehand EPS Foam Styrofoam Cutter
Hand Wand – Cut freehand with the adjustable wire length hand wand.

Wire & Spring*

Hotwire Direct: Replacement Wire and Springs
Replacement Wire – wire and springs for all Hotwire Direct tools.

Power Glue Guns*

Hotwire Direct: 6300 Power Spray Adhesive Hot Melt Glue Gun
6300 Foam Adhesives – Industrial power hot glue spray gun.
Hotwire Direct: 3200 Hot Melt Glue Gun For EPS expanded polystyrene, Styrofoam, and other surfaces.
3200 Foam Adhesives – Industrial hot glue gun.


Hotwire Direct: Styropactor Foam Compaction Machine
Foam Compactor – Compress your waste foam and save space.
* = Indicates Items that can be purchased online.