What’s New at Hotwire Direct

Hotwire Direct’s brand new 8300 CNC machine is built from high quality electrical and mechanical components for years of trouble free operation. This machine’s construction is scaled down from the 8600 and 8700 in ways that ensure:

  • Quality of cut
  • Functionality
  • Creativity
  • Cut speed
  • Ease of use

The 8300 CNC offers the latest technology without pushing your budget limits.

Hotwire Direct’s brand new 7300 Direct Coat foam coating machine is a one pass belt driven coating machine for high quality results. Foam trim will increase the value and curb appeal of your projects. It can be installed over synthetic or traditional stucco, concrete and masonry construction.

Lower your labor costs and increase your consistency.

Want brand new equipment with a low monthly payment? Hotwire Direct offers financing through Ervin Leasing and Capital Funding Group. Both companies offer many financing options so you can get the equipment you need with favorable terms and monthly payments.

Run with the big boys and stay within a budget.

Want to buy Hotwire Direct products online? Now you can buy replacement parts, hot knives, and other parcel delivery items. Using an easy checkout process you can purchase many of the items we sell and have them delivered to you via FedEx.